Student Live Project

Live Project Course we assure that we boost the confidence to start the project management from the ground level to its peek for both fresher and experienced to reach the industry expectations as are today. Our Live Project Training Course will teach the entire Software Development Life Cycle step by step under the guidance of most experienced persons and who have been working in project development and project management program from the past few years. We teach you how to apply following concepts in one single project and develop a solution to a given problem from ground up.

  •    Object Orientation Principles

  •    Handling Stored Procedures and other database operations

  •    Security (Forms Authentication)

  •    State Management using Cookies and Sessions

  •    Master Pages

  •    User Controls

Now in Project development on .Net the Layered N-tier Architecture is being used and the same has been demonstrated extensively in this course.
For all those who are fresher’s, students willing to introduce themselves to the world of development or for those who are technology aspirants who wishes to move to the new programming language our Live Project Training will ensure the Confidence in them as well as the best way of developing the project.
If required you can also mention this project in your resume and claim some kind of experience as well. You can actually see what will be the final output of our training and your efforts. Please visit Demo For Live projects.The home page provides you all the required information for logging into the system and testing Admin and User modules.